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Pop Up Prom Dress Sale 2023

prom dress sale greenbrier, arkansas



All questions can be answered by just taking a moment and reading all of the details here. After reading, if you have any other questions; please do not hesitate to reach out!

When are the dates?

Intake Period: 11-5 Monday-Friday and 11-3 PM on Saturday. (February 6th-February 21st.) 

VIP SALE: 10-6 Thursday, February 23rd

PUBLIC SALE: 10-6 Friday, February 24th, 9-4 Saturday, Noon-3 Sunday

SELLER PICKUP: Sunday, February 26th 3-5 or Monday 10-5 PM.


How to I become a VIP?

VIPS can purchase a ticket for early bird access and join us THURSDAY, February 23rd 10-6 PM. VIP Tickets can be purchased here, and include an exclusive swag bag and early access to the sale. We will have only a limited amount of VIP tickets available for walk ins on that day. Please purchase your ticket in advance.


CHECK IN YOUR DRESS at our location, SOUTHERN SAVVY. The sale will ALSO take place at our location. (294 South Broadview Ste 4 Greenbrier) We are located next to Baby Bumps/Hometown Pet Supply in Springhill. Dresses can be submitted 11-5 Monday-Friday and 11-3 PM on Saturday. (February 6th-February 21st.)

No need to pre-check in your dress this year. Come ready, with a price in mind and CASH to run your dress through our sale. We have a $5 fee (per dress) to run it through our sale. This helps insure that we are getting the best of the best for our buyers. We will steam your dress and look over it for any stains, flaws, etc and help you come up with a market price.


Dresses must be 3 years old or less.

No "bridesmaid" or "wedding" style dresses are permitted for this event. (None of these type of dresses typically sell in the past 5 years of us doing this sale. So, let's just save our time and energy here.)

All consignors must pay $5 stocking fee per dress. We want all sizes. We want all styles, chances are is that if you loved your dress; someone else will too!

(Stocking fee includes steaming dress, getting it "sale" ready, housing, storage, and transmission of sale. The stocking fee must be paid in cash when you bring your items.) We can not run our credit/debit card machine for this.

Southern Savvy reserves the right to turn away any dress for any reason.

Southern Savvy reserves the right to end/stop the consigning period prior to the sale. This would only happen if we exceed the volume that we are able to hold. This did not happen last year but we still reserve that right. The sooner you bring your dress, the better. Plus, we will be able to share it on social media the sooner you bring it!

Southern Savvy gets 40% of the profit if the dress sold and consignor gets 60%.

Consignor assumes risk during the event of any missing stones, frays, small rips. SS will take very good care of dresses and assist girls trying on merchandise. We will ensure they are properly fitted and the correct size before and while trying on to prevent any malfunction. However, SS but is not held responsible.

We will help you come up with a fair market price depending on the condition. We of course want you to get what you want out of it but also "want" sometimes might be unrealistic for a used dress. So, we will have an "asking" price on tags. When you bring your dress to the store, we will go in more detail. The cheapest dress last year sold for $25. The most expensive sold for $450. -All it takes is the right buyer and seller!

Consignor agrees to help promote the "Prom Pop Up Sale" via social media (facebook/instagram/snapchat) The more buyers we have... the more likely your dress will sell!

All sales final. MUST PAY CASH. (This is for the ease of our sellers. No need for money to be tied up with credit card transaction fees and such. This makes the process MUCH smoother.)

All unsold dresses and payouts must be picked up at Southern Savvy Sunday afternoon, February 26th 3-5 PM OR the next day, Monday 10-5. NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THIS. WE HAVE TO TURN AROUND AND PUT OUR REGULAR STORE BACK IN ORDER.

Our Pop Up Prom Dress event will be heavily promoted to all area schools. We want everyone to come or consign. We don't care where you are from... we just want you here!

We hope this answers any and all questions. If you still have some please call 501.581.3887 during business hours.