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Traveling to a Venue Near You!

"Stella" the SS Express

Our newest location... on wheels! After a rather lengthy, week long, dramatic, discussion among our "creative council" and customers we have finally decided on a name our 1960 Shasta Airflyte. Introducing, "Stella" the SS Express. Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted a name! SS Express was a generic broader name to brand her, tied with "Stella" for some personality. Thank you Christin Velek for your submission and her "camper dad" James Reed for "Stella." This was a lot of fun, and one of the finishing touches on the whole process of her creation. We came to this conclusion for numerous reasons but mainly because it sticks closely to our Southern Savvy brand. Often at times we abbreviate Southern Savvy as SS, and now; this extension of our store will be zipping down the road to a venue near you. We wanted to give the impression of savvy shopping, sophistication and speed. On the road we hope to give shoppers a glimpse of our brick and mortar store mixed with a little dose of 1960 and mixed with southern shabby sass. To read more about her before and after story, check it out here.

 Stella's Schedule:

4/5-4/8 Blackout Over Brier in Matthews Park
To request an appearance of Stella or invite us to your venue or event please contact us. By the way...did you know that Southern Savvy is named after Ashton's siblings? The initials "SS" stand for Scott (our southern boy) and Savannah (savvy) we also like to throw big sister Kayla in there too because she is pretty dang savvy herself. We love to name things after people we love.
Random Fact: I've always loved the name Stella by the way.. In my high school play I played the lead, "Stella" in the production Divine, Stella Divine. My little weenie dogs were also named Ella, Bella... and if I ever got another one, well... you can imagine. HA!
Special THANK YOU again to our girl crush Courtney Hollowell with CoHo Creative for capturing our dream come true and being a rock star in general.


1960 airflyte camper

 ashton snowden pruitt greenbrier arkansas

By the way, I'm wearing the "Harley" kimono, the "Brittani" skirt, "Shea" shoes, and the "Pocket Racer Tank" by Z Supply in the these photos. Don't forget to use code "STOREPICKUP" at checkout when purchasing locally to save on shipping. All maxi dresses pictured can also be found in our "Dress" section while supplies last.